We at You n Style made the right choice in choosing Mr. Jay-ar Amistoso to act as our broker for our planned expansion. He located a suitable building and worked extremely professional throughout the negotiations until the contract was finalized and signed.

Jay-ar then went on and completed the necessary legal documentations to enable us to start up operations. As a foreigner, I’m well aware of the mountain of documentation and red tape required which he managed to complete in two weeks giving us the opportunity to open earlier than expected.

He is more than a broker, offering a full professional relocating package which I’ll definitely be using in the future.

Stephen, You N Style

Jay-ar is one of the best brokers I have encountered. He is courteous, knowledgeable about the market, prompt in reply, and respectful of my needs. I would highly recommend Jay-ar to anyone.

— Satoru

My Name is Martin S. I am from Hawaii. Just before I met Jay-Ar, I was in Manila for about a week, looking over some condos. I had decided that Manila was just too crowded for me, and also, my finance, (now my wife) is from Ormoc City, Leyte. I thought that I would look over the condo market in Cebu City.

I met Jay-Ar, then in Cebu City, Ayala Mall, about two years ago now. He was working at the Ayala Development Co, Avida Condominium booth. I spoke to him briefly there, and took a flyer on the Avida Condo. Back in Hawaii, I researched some of the condos that I had information on, and decided that I would start my Philippine investments with an Avida Condo. Once I decided to buy an Avida Condo, I contacted Jay-Ar. He handled the transaction efficiently, professionally, and with great courtesy. We became good friends in the process, and Jay-Ar would always greet me in Cebu when I visited there. When I bought the Avida condo, because of currency fluctuations, I overpaid Ayala Development Company. Jay-Ar assisted me with the return of the overpayment monies due me by the Ayala Development Company. I wish Ayala Development Company had people like Jay-Ar working for them! Ayala didn’t seem to know how to return overpayment monies. Jay-Ar persisted with them until finally they sent a check to the Ayala office in Cebu, and I had Jay-Ar deposit it in my bank account there. As the Avida Condo nears completion, I look forward to returning to Cebu condominium, to check on it, and have Jay-Ar handle the furniture package, and transition the condo into a rental unit for me and my wife. In conclusion, I would say Jay-Ar is very reliable, honest, and trustworthy person to work with in all your investment, and real estate transactions. I will always count on him to manage any property I have or may have in the future.

Mr. Martin S.

Having an Investment in La Guardia Flats 2 has been one of our pride and joy. We are a young couple like anyone else who has hopes and dreams in life. This investment is a good stepping stone for us to have a good future. We are truly happy and satisfied with the services we get from Primary Homes. Jay-ar Amistoso is not just one multi-skilled broker but also our lifetime friend. We wish to invest more in this reputable company in the nearest future.

God Bless and more power!

— Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Marian Jewellyn Ryan

Me and my husband Rhoney are very much thankful to you jay-r for convincing us to buy a condo unit in Cebu city. Rapid growth of investment is very true, today as we inquire the present amount of our unit, it increases about three hundred thousand pesos in just a matter of less than 2 years!

We know that we are in right path in investing a condo because we have a great broker like you, who help us everything, ways and means and oh yes, all the paper works are well done!

As a young couple,  Jay-r is helping us to be secured in the coming years, you are not just a broker but a partner in the real estate business!

Thank you and more power to your business!

— Laarni Genova

Cebu has always been known for its economic stability despite past turmoils and investing in its growth seems like a wise move for us. However, finding someone trustworthy and dedicated to his work as well as to the clients’ dreams can be a little daunting. Dangers are just lurking everywhere and making mistakes can be costly, especially for novice investors like us.

Knowing Jay-ar as a real person first and a businessman second are vital in trusting our dreams with his company. I would definitely recommend his service to all our friends and acquaintances knowing his degree of professionalism and personal integrity.

Kudos to all your endeavors, Jay-ar.

Mr. And Mrs. Go

Jay-ar came to me highly recommended by a personal friend from Primary Structures. Well, what a recommendation! Jay-ar was what they said he would be– very professional and knowledgeable. As I am based in California, I contacted Jay-ar before my scheduled visit to Cebu. He was prompt and responsive to all my emails. I was able to gather a lot of information I needed ahead of time in going about leasing my condominium unit in Avalon. I picked a date and time to meet with him in Cebu and he showed up a few minutes before our scheduled meeting! I was surprised and impressed since I was expecting him to be on “Filipino” time.

Jay-ar took the time to understand my requirements and listened to my needs. He also shared with me information about the market and the competition to help me in my decision making process. Jay-ar was very quick to find the right tenant for my unit and was able to lease it for the price I was happy with. He prepared all the necessary documents and coordinated the whole leasing process as well as the tenant’s move-in. Jay-ar is superb customer service personified! I highly recommend Jay-ar.

Glenda Uy
California, USA

Being a first time in Asia for my family is exciting & fun, but at the same time it can become stressful when finding a Home. Jay-ar never once left us feeling confused or in the dark. His astounding professionalism, passion & excitement made us feel like we were working with a friend and not just a Realtor.

I found Jay-ar to be the epitome of professionalism and also a joy to work with. he does what’s required to find what you want, even if it won’t be a sale. You’re comfortable with him. . he’s not pushy, and he’s sensitive to your needs. he knows the market and is highly credible. He is always organized and prepared to make effective use of your time. He promptly follows up on all your questions. Jay-ar real estate knowledge and attention to detail was invaluable from the home selection, offer, inspection and closing processes. In an ever changing local real estate environment we found that having him on our side was a tremendous advantage to us and we are thankful to have worked with Jay-ar. It was a real pleasure to work with someone whose primary interest was to find us what we wanted, rather than trying to get us into something that was easy for them. We know it wasn’t an easy job, but Jay-ar really showed us that he cared a lot about my family. We are very happy in our new home and we look forward to working with Jay-ar in the future as we trust your expertise..!!!

Ian Shane Bastian | Senior Director – Sykes

Jay-ar was my broker when I bought the condo unit for the purpose of renting it out. I was really amazed how JR showed his professionalism and dedication in looking for a tenant. He was with me all the way until we found a couple who rented my unit for 6 months.

I highly recommend him to all others seeking the services of a licensed broker.

Andy Moreno
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are grateful of having Mr. Jay-r Amistoso as the broker for our condo unit in La Guardia Flats 2. Jay-r did all the necessary actions that our condo unit be rented in the earliest time as possible. Including the interior furnishing and even the lease of contract for the condo rental was made by Mr. Jay-r.Just recently, our condo unit was leased with a good monthly rental price in a reasonable time span. As for me & my wife, Mr. Jay-r deserves a commendation for his knowledge, dedication and professionalism being a broker.
Once again, thank you Jay-r and more power!!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Noe Cabahug
Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines

I met Jay-Ar in Central Cebu Business Park.He was very knowledgeable of the market and listened intently to my needs.He promptly arrange for us to view a number of condominiums in the locality.He was able to alleviate a whole day to take me around.

I eventually decided on Avalon Condo but had to return to Thailand soon after.He arranged for the Property Management team to open up their office especially for me on a Saturday morning so that I might reserve the room at Avalon and initiate the purchase process. Upon my return to Thailand for 2 months I via Jay-Ar transferred moneys to facilitate the purchase proceed. All went extremely smoothly and Jay-Ar immediately e-mailed me with copies of the receipt of money slips from the condo management company. Upon my return to Cebu Jay-Ar as arranged provided me with all the original purchase receipt and enabled me through his efforts to finalize the purchase process and ultimately receive the keys to my new room. It did not stop there although his brokerage duties had been completed he still made himself available to myself for further and future after sales services.

I will be for ever grateful to Jay -Ar without him I could never have got to completion.I regard him mot only as an exemplary competent business broker but also a friend someone how shows genuine concern for his clients. I would highly recommend his services to anyone requiring them and wish him continued success in the future.

Martin Davies
Thailand and UK

I want to give my sincere thanks to Jay-Ar for facilitating my familys’ move in Cebu. He was able to find the perfect apartment for us, and we felt right at home as soon as we moved in. I also want to thank Jay-Ar for going above and beyond to sort out everything needed for us to move. He made it extremely quick and hassle free for us.

To all you out there, Jay-Ar is your man for anything that has to do with real estate. Give him a call!

Again, thank you Jay-Ar.


I can thoroughly recommend Jay-ar if you are looking for rental accommodation in Cebu. As a foreigner, I found the whole prospect of taking a lease quite daunting. However, Jay-ar made the process really easy and straight forward. Most importantly, he didn’t disappear once the deal was done. He made sure I settled in OK and sorted out a few teething problems I had with the apartment. He is professional, efficient and friendly and I very much appreciate all the help he has given me.

Toby Ash
United Kingdom
ShelterBox International