DIY (Do It Yourself) Family Home

Ever caught up on a dilemma how to maximize your real estate investment? Supposing that the house prices that you have seen is just not for you? Perhaps the bedrooms are not enough? The house design does not fit you? Or you just find the houses too expensive for you?

Don’t crush your dream house just yet. There is an old saying that if you want something done right, you just have to “do it yourself”. And that old saying is very much applicable to real estate as well. Often times, I give my clients the idea of investing for a land and build the house themselves. Is it possible? Yes it is! While it sounds too hard for an inexperienced or first time real estate investor, it is very achievable through the use of outsourcing.

All it takes really is to hire a good architect that could conform to the design of your ideal family home or hire a general contractor to assist you with your house project. This of course, with your supervision. When hunting for the perfect partner for your house project, do make sure that your partner is easy to talk to and understand your needs and wants (just like how you met up with your girlfriend). Do also ask for his track records to confirm his legitimacy so that it can build your confidence that the person you hired can get the job done.

To get started, you need to able to identify where your ideal land would be. It has to be in a location where it is accessible to your needs, wants and as well as your means of livelihood. Find a location where it is safe and conducive for you to raise your family as well as for the kids also.

Once you find your ideal land and its location, prepare yourself a list of architects and general contractors. It would be best if you start off with your natural market. In this way, should these people fail, at least they are just within your reach. Your familiarity and connection with them can also be used as an advantage that project can be done at a better quality.

When the blue prints and other pertinent construction plans are in place, be sure that you will be able to secure a building permit for your building project within your area. Approach the nearest city or municipal hall and secure the requirements for a building permit. You do not want to demolish the house by your hands in the middle of the progress because the government would tell you to do so for the lack of building permit. What a hellish picture to paint right?

After the finalization of the construction plans and the procurement of the building permit, you may commence building your ideal family home. Always remember, be in constant monitoring. The reason why you have to do it yourself is because you have not found a house that is perfect for you and that’s why we decided to make one for ourselves.

This is the concept of being a builder. To satisfy a portion of the market with the similar needs and wants that you have. If you put that on a large scale in perspective that is the time where you become a real estate developer.

If you have done your project right and maintained strict monitoring on the construction cost and construction quality, you will find out that you can actually build a bigger and better house at the same price offered in the market on an average house. If you have completed reading this blog, you will realize that I just gave you the opportunity worth a fortune out of this simple blog. Whether you would like to pursue the career of being a builder, or just simply make a good house for your family, I am glad that I could help!