AVALON and the investment proposition

A fully operational condominium project that is just a stone’s throw away from Ayala Mall, Cebu. These are a few words that would best describe The Avalon in just one sentence. While many condominium projects are quickly sprouting in the city of Cebu, the location of the Avalon is one that none could compare. Among the different real estate listings out there, this one could definitely an apple for the eye of the searchers.

Cebu Business Park, The location.

cebu business parkThe Avalon is residential condominium enclave with class located in the heart of Cebu City, the Cebu Business Park. The Cebu Business Park (CBP) is a 50-hectare master planned development in Cebu City, Philippines. It integrates business, residential, sports, and recreation with leisure facilities. It is the address of the City’s famous mall, the Ayala Malls and the base of numerous world class, large conglomerates in Cebu.

The Ayala Mall.

The Avalon is literally and in reality, a stone throw away from one of the famous malls in Cebu, The Ayala Mall. The Ayala Mall showcase different restaurants with its delicious cuisines from different nations. It also houses the world class brand in fashion of today. It has the state of the art movie Cinemas and a variety of coffee and tea house of your choice.

A land of opportunity.

Cebu Business Park is a haven for promising individuals in the corporate world as it is surrounded by numerous large conglomerates in Cebu City. It also is a perfect place for entrepreneurship of different world class companies in different industries such as business process outsourcing, insurance, real estate, banks and hotels to name a few. Cebu Business Park is one of the place where young executives and promising entrepreneurs flock to. It’s a 50 hectare development that lives and breathes 24/7, 365 days in a year. To know more about Cebu Business Park and what it can offer, you may visit their official website at: http://www.cebubusinesspark.com/

Ready for occupancy, fully operational.

Another great competitive edge of The Avalon against the other residential condominium within the area is that it is now ready for occupancy and fully operational (as of 2014). While there are other residential condominium projects that are sprouting, they are still under works and would take 2-5 years completion before investors and end users could enjoy it. With The Avalon, investors and real estate end users can now enjoy the lifestyle and accessibility of being in Cebu Business Park.

The Avalon features the following amenities that it can offer:

• Adult and kiddie swimming pools
• Main Lobby & Reception area
• 3 High Speed Passenger Elevator units
• 1 Heavy Duty Service Elevator Unit
• 24/7 Security & Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system
• Top of the line fire alarm and sprinkler system with fire exits
• 100% Back-up power generation
• Centrally located garbage system per floor
• Individual Mailbox for each unit
• Function Rooms
• Fitness Gym & Sauna
• Landscaped gardens
• Daycare Center
• Business Center
• 4 Levels Basement Parking with parking allocation for visitors parking slots
• Manicured gardens & park jogging trails at the Cebu Business Park
• Perimeter Fence
• ISO-Certified Property Management with solid track record

ISO Certified Property Management and Primary Properties Corporation.

One of its great competitive edge against other competitors is the fact that The Avalon is under its own ISO Certified Property Management, Primary Properties Corporation which happens to be the sister company of Primary Homes Inc. (the developer for The Avalon). With more than 15 years in the leasing industry, Primary Properties has provided business solutions to more than 60 companies, 55% of which are from leading BPOs and call centers occupying over 40,000 sqm of office space. Primary Properties Corporation can boast of its long list of multinational and local strong players as its clientele.

They provide property management service by carefully trained and experienced staff under our FMD (Facilities Management Division). Ready and available 24/7 on-call technical assistance from their team of engineers and technicians in all our buildings. This is to make sure that all building concerns shall be taken care of appropriately and promptly The property management performs preventive maintenance programs and do repairs in our buildings. Regular building inspections are also conducted to ensure that the buildings and the spaces they lease out are well-maintained.

They also advise tenants on the improvements which are necessary to protect the value of the property. You get all this, once you are staying in The Avalon. Tell me this isn’t a bang for the buck for the real estate investor.

Purely Residential.

As compared to other existing and soon to rise condominium projects with Cebu Business Park, The Avalon is one of the new condominium projects that offers 100% residential features. Most of the condominium projects are for commercial purpose on the ground floor while The Avalon gives you the feel of checking in a classy hotel that is private and exclusive for selected members. It does not share amenities with any other projects except its unit owners. Talking about exclusivity.

Competitive price per square meter.

If you conduct a comparative analysis of condominium projects in the area, The Avalon would come up to be an estimated 121,458.98 per square meter and it is already ready for occupancy and fully operational. For most of the competitors, that price per square meter is still under works. This would mean that the prices for other condominium projects are still rising. Regardless that these condominium projects will rise within the area in the next upcoming years, The Avalon will still remain competitive with its price. This provides a very good safety net for real estate investors.

The Investment Proposition.

With all the great factors that are written (and proven), there is in no doubt that The Avalon is one of the promising real estate investment within the area of Cebu Business Park. If you are one who is on search about the rental rates in The Avalon as well as intrigued about its income potential, below are the list of prevailing rental rates in the market today as of 2014.

1. 1 Bedroom – ranges from 40,000 -55,000 Php per month, inclusive of its condo dues
2. 2 Bedroom – ranges from 55,000 -70,000 Php per month, inclusive of its condo dues
3. 3 Bedroom – ranges from 75,000 -90,000 Php per month, inclusive of its condo dues

The above rental rates are dependent on the delivery of the unit. This includes the way it is furnished, the design, and the appliances that is included in the unit.

The target market.

The target market is very specific for The Avalon. It a home address for the successful executives and entrepreneurs from different industries such as BPO, real estate, insurance, hoteliers, banks and insurance to name a few. It is also a residential enclave for tourists and long stayers who can afford the lifestyle and comfort in urban living and as well as retirees who would prefer to celebrate their remaining lives in the comfort of Cebu City.

A formal list of the target market:

1. Expats working here in Cebu
2. Different companies within Ayala that have satellite offices from around the Globe or US based companies with satellite office within Ayala area
3. VIP / Big Boss of the company
4. Long staying tourist
5. Businessman
6. Retirees
7. Mostly BPO companies ( knowing that Ayala is surrounded by plenty of BPO companies )
8. Different Nationalities working not just in Ayala area but even in Mactan based companies like Japanese. We also have Canadian, Norwegian, European, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Australian, Indian, Iranian, Korean, etc. these are our existing tenants in Avalon

Managing your portfolio.

Worried about managing your investment in the Avalon? That should be the last thing you would ever think about when you are with us here at www.cebubestcondominium.com

Here’s a quick list on what we can and what we will do with your investment:

1. Online advertisement through social media and website https://www.cebubestcondominium.com
2. Connections with different Big companies based in different places of Cebu from North to South and within the heart of the City
3. Having a network of thousands of brokers and agents locally and internationally working as a team to provide what our tenants need and helping our investors to have a passive income. Working as one team.
4. Working with different firms and other people who has a greater market for high end condominium rentals
5. Giving the best service to all our tenants and having satisfied clients and getting hundreds of referrals and recommendations, making a name in Real Estate Industry while making a big difference – helping people get what they wanted.
6. Referral system. Talk is cheap, but powerful! When a product is great, it talks for itself and so does the happy clients.
7. Strategic location – no doubt and question with it’s location. You can never go wrong with your investment as long as it is located within the heart of the City plus having a greater market not just now but in the years to come ( more commercial buildings are coming up – more companies are coming )
8. Cebu is the right place to Invest – with booming BPO companies, with thousands of skilled workers with the ability to speak well in English, booming tourism and Economy, cost of living is way cheaper compared to any other places in the Phils., companies are eyeing out Cebu as their business hub having bigger profit with a lesser operational cost in their business.

The Avalon, Conclusion and its Frequently asked questions.

What is going to happen if all Condominiums will rise and start to function, will there still be a market for Avalon?

YES – we have a different market. Our units are uniquely designs for expats. Most expats would prefer to have a bigger cut giving them enough space to breath and live a good life. A place where they can Live,

Work nearby and play within the vicinity area of Ayala.

Our price per unit is more reasonable compared to other high end condominium in Cebu. If their investment at other condo are way higher than Avalon, of course their prices are higher compared to Avalon thus giving more chance for Avalon to shine having quality living at the right price.

The location is strategically situated in front of Ayala Mall and the most accessible to other important places in Ayala.

We have excellent property management having the least price per sqm for condominium dues compared to other high end condominium in Cebu

We offer a 100% back up power generator. Life moves on continuously without interruption of power!

We have an expert team to market all the rentals in Avalon giving the best service and providing a greater value for money they spent!